Monday, April 30, 2007

Habeas Schmabeas

I just listened to this weeks This American Life and I am speechless. The crap that we are pulling with the people in the Middle East is shocking. Americans should be outraged. With each story of unfairly imprisoned men and our governments complete disregard for international laws, and our own first amendment, I just think to myself

I want to contact that person. I want to send their family a letter and tell them that not all Americans are like this. That we are not all cowboy-shoot-um-up-better-than-everyone-else-above-the-law-assholes.

Of course if I did that not only would I be writing letters to every country, all day long, but I would also have to admit that we are all too lazy to do anything about it. So, I'll sit in my cubical and hope that I can ignore this voice in my head that is screaming at me

This is not right!

We are making more people hate us.

We can do better. We should do better. For all of our little Beans. For each other.

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miss.supafly said...

Agreed. I had to turn it off this morning because I was getting frustrated listening to it...