Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Few Highlights

I gave-
* An apron with matching dishtowels (I used Heather Bailey fabric that I have been hoping to find a project to use it on)
* PJ Pants for my sister that will wear clothes until they fall apart (something I noticed over Thanksgiving when I spotted her in PJ’s from 1997)
* Pillows for Kelly’s red bed (I got to use my Anna Maria Horner Fabric that I have been saving for the perfect project)
* The Office Season 1. My BIL got all the seasons of The Office this Christmas. Just goes to show if you say you like something around my family, be prepared to get everything related to it for the next 2 years.
* A glittery KU tshirt and a book about a library cat.
* A drum kit for a tiny dude that loves to make noise.
* Books on CD and a stereo just the right size for Hanky’s tiny paws

I got-
* An orange Kitchen Aid mixer.
* A new purse. Which looks way sturdier than my last one.
* A month of free babysitting
* Peppermint soap

I thought about-
* How much better Christmas is when you get to be Santa Claus
* Henry could use a playmate
* That I need more Christmas decorations in my house
* Next year I am going to start earlier
* That Christmas isn’t the same without Annie
* Making 2009 cards since I didn’t around to sending Christmas cards this year
* How much I appreciate the effort my Mom makes every year

I made-
* Lots of cookies
* Cupcakes (of course!)
* Chex mix
* Gifts for almost everyone

P.S. I got an A- in Organic Chemistry 622. I almost passed out when I saw my grade card.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I thought it was ice. Henry thought it was balloons. It's water bottles.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi guys. I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. I have been swamped. Organic Chem, additional duties at work and a VERY busy little boy have taken up every minute of my day. But I am still working out (going on 5 months, only 28 pounds lost though) and I have found a little bit of time to do a few Christmas crafts, like this wreath. Last year I made this wreath and I already have an idea for next year. Looks like it may become a tradition.
We are doing homemade gifts this year for Christmas and I have so many ideas but not enough time. In the new Martha Stewart Living she has instructions on knitting fingerless mittens, which is something I think Wade would really like and looks like a pretty easy project. And I really wanted to make a granny square blanket like this for Henry but I think the odds of me completing a project like that in a week are pretty slim. But for now, I have to stop daydreaming about all the things I would like to be doing and get back to the things I have to studying. Send me all your smart vibes and then maybe in January I will send you some fingerless mittens :)