Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hi guys. I am sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. I have been swamped. Organic Chem, additional duties at work and a VERY busy little boy have taken up every minute of my day. But I am still working out (going on 5 months, only 28 pounds lost though) and I have found a little bit of time to do a few Christmas crafts, like this wreath. Last year I made this wreath and I already have an idea for next year. Looks like it may become a tradition.
We are doing homemade gifts this year for Christmas and I have so many ideas but not enough time. In the new Martha Stewart Living she has instructions on knitting fingerless mittens, which is something I think Wade would really like and looks like a pretty easy project. And I really wanted to make a granny square blanket like this for Henry but I think the odds of me completing a project like that in a week are pretty slim. But for now, I have to stop daydreaming about all the things I would like to be doing and get back to the things I have to studying. Send me all your smart vibes and then maybe in January I will send you some fingerless mittens :)


Nouvelle Vie, Nouvelle Heure said... apologies.

YOU'RE AMAZING! Keep doing what you're doing.

natalie said...

seriously...when i read "only 28 pounds lost" i had to re-read it, b/c the first thing that popped in my head was "ONLY!?!?!" GIRL...that's inspiring!