Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm widdling away at that list of mine. It's about the only thing that I am widdling away at, though. Except for that piece of German Chocolate cake I ate last night...I widdled away at that pretty quickly. Mmmmmm....
Anyway...last night Henry stayed the night at Gigi and Grandpa's house. #19 cha-ching. It was the first time that I have been away from my baby at night. I almost cried as we dropped him off, but I held it together. I haven't gotten a full report on the events of the evening, but I am sure that it went well. Wade and I went on our FIRST DATE IN 4 YEARS. Talk about pressure. We went to our friend Katee's gallery and hung out for a while and then headed to FUD (pronounced food) for a vegan dinner. The fud at FUD is AWESOME. The hour and a half wait is not so awesome. But there is something super fun about eating something you have never eaten before. I had jack fruit tacos. YUMMO. Wade had a BBQ sammie. Both worth the wait. Or maybe we were just so hungry they could have given us anything and we would have thought it was delicious and devoured it. We'll go back again, I'm sure, but next time we'll get there at 4 so we can eat by dinner time. When we got home Wade got me some German Chocolate cake and himself a doughnut. He is a bed time doughnut kinda guy. I fell asleep immediately following "cake time". I think the plate may have still been on my lap. Pathetic.
I'm making a plan for the week. I have so much coming up in the next 3 weeks that I am a bit overwhelmed. I think a plan is necessary. I'm working in working out. But I've decided to not get on the scale anymore. After 3 weeks of exercise and a 3 pound gain I am realizing that the numbers don't mean anything.
Oh, last thing. I applied for graduation this week. It was nerve racking sitting in that chair watching my advisor cross off my classes. My degree requirements were from 1997. He had to doctor the form and write in special notes because some of the classes are not offered anymore. Laugh, go ahead, it's okay. I was. Oh well, just have to pass these last 2 classes and then I'm done!!!