Saturday, August 21, 2010

33 things to do in my 33rd year

Well, 33 is here. I’m trying to make the best of it, even though I am now officially closer to 35 then to 30.

1. Take a screen-printing class at the Art Center

2. Put up a clothes line

3. Have another baby

4. Make better use of my alone time

5. Surf

6. Swim in Annie’s pool

7. Plant a vegetable garden

8. Paint the kitchen and the front door

9. Put in a grey water system

10. Run a 5K

11. Finish the quilt for Henry

12. Label my photos

13. Throw a backyard party

14. Put in a deck

15. Bake the super epic rainbow cake

16. Walk down the hill

17. Spend some time with old friends

18. Take a cake decorating class

19. Let Henry sleep over at his grandparent’s house

20. Go on a road trip

21. Remodel the bathroom

22. Ride a Ferris wheel

23. Build a fort with Henry and sleep in it

24. Have a favorite things party

25. Help Henry plant his own garden

26. Spend a day in KC thrift store shopping and cupcake eating

27. Stock up my craft box

28. Go sledding on campus

29. Volunteer with Henry

30. Learn to use my camera on manual mode

31. Take Henry to the Children’s Museum

32. Get a colorful winter coat

33. Have a family photo taken for our Christmas cards

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