Saturday, August 28, 2010

Up n' coming

I didn't put it on my 33 in 33rd year list, because it seemed cliche, but one of my biggest goals for this year is to lose weight. Lots of it. My back is killing me and I am sick of feeling bad about myself, so I am taking action. I am starting a program called Couch to 5K in 9 weeks. This will set me up almost perfectly for my first 5K run on Thanksgiving Day morning. My friend Andy did the same program and she lost a lot of weight and now loves to run. I'm excited and nervous.

I'm also in 9 hours of school this semester. After I complete these classes I will have a BS in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I have dreams of doing marine biology research on a beach some day. But for now I just have to survive a very busy full time job + 9 hours of school (7 of those hours in lab) + a beautiful and busy Bean + a new workout program. It's basically going to be a 16 week tornado. We are one week in and I am already feeling behind.

Reading about someones work out program isn't fun or exciting but I feel like this blog may be a good outlet for me to post about my progress, so I am taking over the blog for the next few weeks. I can't promise that it will be interesting (but is this blog really ever interesting?) and that there will not be an extreme amount of complaining and self-doubt, but it's only temporary, right? And if you're not interested, no worries, just come back around Christmas time when I will be a college graduate (god willing), a running pro (still skeptical) and I will be baking and eating copious amounts of Christmas cookies.

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