Monday, May 25, 2009

Big big boy bed

Clearly I am in the mood to ramble on tonight (nothing new on this blog) so I thought I would share my most recent point of indecision. One of many, oh so many...

Henry's bed.

So, he is in a crib bed right now. It's his crib turned into a toddler bed. But he is tall and has nearly grown out of his bed. What next? Well, obviously a twin bed is next, but when I change the bed I will have to change the whole room. All the baby stuff will have to go. The stuffed animals and bumper pads with the ABC's and the letters hanging on ribbons...I'm okay with it. It was never really our style to begin with. I have been leaning towards a Jenny-Lind bed. I love them. I don't mind sharing, just between you and I, that a sibling for Henry is in the works. Not, in the works as in "in the works" but it's on the horizon. And this sibling will have to share a room with Sir Henry. I would like to buy a Jenny Lind crib for this future sibling so a matching bed for Hank seems like a good option. I think Jenny Lind will work for boys or girls. What do you think? Not boyish enough?

Sunday, May 24, 2009



I working on a paint-by-number painting. It's awesome.


My version of heaven. Almond Joy cupcake. It was that good. A Happy Birthday wish to my number 18.


I've gone ring happy. I'm not sure what has come over me. Maybe it is that there is no size involved. I got this one on Friday. Lovely. Spring has me thinking a flower ring would be nice. So do I go with-
Chrysanthemum:Or Rose:Or both?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy bits

Today my friend Emily gave me a globe that she bought at a garage sale on Saturday for a dollar. It's perfect.

I also forgot that I ordered a book from amazon that was on back order until it arrived this afternoon. Many birthday gifts are going to come from this book.

Lastly, a package from the UK was in my inbox this morning. This lovely pin was in the box and now it adds the perfect bit of Spring to my gray purse. Her etsy stuff is amazing. Check it out. I think I want this one next.