Saturday, June 27, 2009

I think. I might. Like it.

I found this table on the side of the road today and I grabbed it. I wasn't sure if I liked it and I am still not sure if I like it, but it is nice to have a light on that side of the sofa.
It doesn't even remotely match the table on the other side of the sofa but I feel like that unmatchiness might be so bad that it actually works. Maybe?

Monday, June 8, 2009


Dear globe on Etsy. You're killing me. I am trying SO hard not to spend money. We have a wedding coming up that has turned into one of the most expensive 2 day outings that I have ever been a part of and I just cannot feel good about buying something for fun (so fun!) when I just spent over $500 on tuxes, a sport jacket, a white dress (isn't that bad form? oh well, it was on sale) and khaki slacks for the rehearsal dinner that Henry will stain within 10 minutes of our arrival. I won't go on about the expense of this event (gas, food, hotel fare, present...) even though I really could, because it is close to my bed time and I am trying to relax but I will just say that if you are still available for purchase in July, I am going to buy you and justify it by saying that it is for Henry's room. So...stick around.

I found some other good stuff for Henry's room this weekend. Including a Jenny Lind twin bed frame that just needs a little white paint and it will be ready for our big boy. These are some other things that I have been eyeballing for his room-

Rainbow ribbon thing

Cardboard deer head

Peace flags

An elephant (and I plan to make a peacock and a giraffe to match)

A whale shaped chalkboard

The letter H

Granny squares (my Grandma would be proud)
And a map. He has been really interested in understanding places lately.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I’m gearing up for summer. I admit, I am not quite ready for spring to end. I feel like I just pulled out my flip-flops and I could handle at least 3 more weeks of pink peonies on my dining room table but what can you do? Summer vacation is quickly approaching. I am not ready. I have piles of work to do and I need to find Henry’s swimsuit (I think it may still be in the suitcase from our last vacation). But that will happen in the next few days, it all comes together in the end, right?

Yesterday I asked Henry “Do you know what mountains are?”
“No.” He said, “Wait, they are big hills, right Mama?”
“So big,” I said, “that there is snow on the top. So big that it makes your brakes smoke when you drive down them. So big that you have to ride a train to get to the top.” I said with a smile.
“Are we going to ride a train?” He asked.
“Uh-huh. We sure are.” I said.
“A real train? I have never done that before Mama. It will be a new imperience.”
“You mean EXperience baby.”
“Yes,” he said “EXperience. I like new experiences. I just like new interesting stuff that I am curious about.”
I love that.
To help with the spring to summer transition we have been busy enjoying some of our favorite parts of summer like sun tea, picnics, staying up later, planting geraniums, running through the sprinkler, riding in the car with our arms out the window, wearing flowers in our hair, eating fresh basil, walking bare foot in the yard, and homemade ice cream. This weekend I am thinking strawberry ice cream with pink sprinkles. I love this idea for kiddos.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Henry is turning into such a big boy now. He is my light and the happiest part of every day. Watching him change over the past 3 years has been so incredible. That he understands what I say and I can have a conversation with him about almost anything is so amazing. He comforted me last week, when I was feeling sad. He hugged me and said “It’s okay baby.” This is a person that 2 years ago was just learning to speak and walk. Getting older is strange. You gain this wonderful perspective of how special and glorious your life is. You realize that every single day is precious. But at the same time, you only get that perspective from the knowledge that time is passing and that your life is not forever. It is a bittersweet truth and I have felt it's heaviness the past few years. The only way that I can come to terms with it is to try my hardest to enjoy every day. To never wish for the weekend on a Monday. To close my eyes and feel the breeze. To smell the flowers and hug my babies and laugh with my parents and focus on the moment as much as I possibly can. I am not always good at it. There are days that I feel sad that I am getting older. And that people around me are getting older. But every second that I think about that is a second that I am not here with them. So I remind myself at the end of the day that even a mundane day with nothing special happening is still something special. It is a day that when I am old I will be glad that I had, and a day that I will wish I could do again.


I pulled this guide out of my wallet at the store the other day and the guy standing next to me leaned over and asked "What does it say about broccoli?"

Other things you should buy organic is coffee (and free trade) and baby foods and juices.