Thursday, April 26, 2007

My husband is a rock star

Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am pretty stubborn. And by pretty stubborn I mean that even in the face of absolute evidence verifying that I am incorrect I will still stick to my story. My husband, however, is much more reasonable. Aside from an occasional disagreement about whether or not he said something, he is happy to admit when he is wrong. Well "happy" might be an overshot, but he is as least willing to admit it and is generally very good at compromising. Last night we had a long discussion about our future and our family and our career goals and babies and in the end, I don't want to say he gave in but I'll just say that he trusted me and we compromised. I am lucky to be with a man that loves me so much. Here is a picture of us when we were not thinking about babies or career or plans, almost 10 years ago.

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miss.supafly said...

What a cute picture of you guys, and what a sweet tribute to Wade! =]