Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, I am not doing so well on the vegan thing, I forgot how much I love cheese. But, I haven't had meat for a couple of days now and I love it. Today I saw someone eating fried chicken legs and almost lost my non-dairy cookies. She was suckin on them bones and there was veins and all kinds of other nasty things that make my face pucker up while I type this. Ugh... I find that a lot of people that eat meat are kind of hostile to people that don't eat meat, like maybe they were teased or bullied by a "hippy vegetarian" (to use a term I heard at work today) as a kid and now just have it in for all vegetarians. Or maybe they realized on some level that eating meat kind of sucks but they are not willing to give it up because they like the taste/convenience of it and they don't want someone coming around saying anything bad about their choices. Frankly, I try not to say anything about it at all to people, best to avoid that argument all together. Besides, in my office just the word "tofu" can clear a room. And what's up with that anyway? What is the deal with the tofu-phobes? I'll save that for another post I suppose.

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