Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Check it

I was telling my friend Kenna about our experience having Henry at the hospital. I mentioned that we are going to try as hard as we can to have our next baby without intervention, possibly at home, hopefully with a midwife. She brought me this movie. It was fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who is pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. I have strong opinions about it because of my experience with Henry’s birth so I won’t say much except that it is so important that as a woman giving birth that you exercise your power in the birthing process and at most hospitals it will be an uphill battle. Kenna got it from our local library.


TC said...

I hear you! I've been reading tons of stuff about homebirth in the last year (although I haven't watched "The Business of Being Born" yet). I would really like to have our next baby (if there is one) at home, but Matthew isn't comfortable with the idea. In the end, I might be too nervous about it myself, but only because of my previous C-section (the odds of serious complications related to that are very low, but serious). If we still lived around the corner from the hospital, I would be pushing for it! I might still, but I do have to consider how stressful Quentin's birth was for Matthew. All the stress for me was after the fact, when I knew we were all OK. I wish there were more middle ground. I guess that would be a birth center, but they aren't an option for VBAC moms :(

Laura said...

Gosh TC, I hadn’t even considered that you would have limited options because of your previous c-section. That stinks. After Henry was born I was just so happy that we were okay, I didn’t really even think much about the experience beyond that. Over time, though, I got more and more upset about it. I didn’t anticipate feeling this way. I didn’t think that after 3 years I would still feel angry about it. It surprises me.
I understand how you and Mathew feel, home birth does sound a little scary. A birthing center seems like a good middle ground. I wish there were more options for you. A healthy baby and a healthy mom is the most important thing, no matter how it happens.

Anonymous said...

thanks, i'm going to check this out!


Lisa said...

That is it! I saw the same thing you were talking about! AMAZING--the whole thing was wonderful.

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