Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 15

It's week 15. I'm sitting here, about to write a blog post about how I exercised for a week and gained 1.5 lbs, while eating a toasted bagel with cream cheese at 10 pm. But let's just let that go because there is a perfectly good reason that I am eating a bagel at 10 pm. Stress. I am a stress eater. I'm also a feeling sad eater. And a feeling angry eater. I am a bored eater. And, of course, a celebratory eater. Let me just crunch the click click...carry the calculations tell me that the only time I am not eating is when I am sleeping or talking. Wait, scratch that, I just asked Wade a question with a gigantic bite of bagel in my mouth. So only sleeping.
The weekend passed, a long weekend with PLENTY of opportunities for me to study. And I didn't. And right now I should be studying but I'm not. I should be sleeping since I am supposed to get up at 5 am to run. But I'm not. This stuff isn't easy. But I guess all the good stuff in life really isn't easy. more stalling. Good night.

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