Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lessons from's movie?

When I was a kid my parents didn't have cable, didn't have a remote control and didn't have a VCR. In addition to that our TV viewing was intensely monitored. I remember being excited to watch some math show on PBS after school, just because it was watching television. We did finally get a VCR when I was in high school (mid 90's, a little behind the times) and in our excitement my Mom let us rent the movie "16 Candles". We popped popcorn, got on our comfy clothes, snuggled into the sofa and prepared ourselves for our first night of watching a movie without commercials. We made it oh about 5 minutes into the movie before it was shut off. For you John Hughes buffs out there, we got to "I can't believe they forgot my F'n birthday"...something blurry moved from the kitchen to the television, we all felt a breeze and the TV was off. Our movie viewing was back to the annual Superman marathon on CBS and The Wizard of Oz. I have found that as a child of the 80's many of my friends are appalled that I do not have Pretty in Pink memorized and that I can honestly say I was never afraid of the Goonies (or would even be able to spot one if it passed me on the street). As an adult I have tried to watch these movies on several occasions. Every time we click past The Breakfast Club my husband tries so hard to help me get into it, but alas, I am certain that window has closed. The other day my son, Henry was napping and I was in desperate need of some veg out time. We had a hectic morning, lots of diaper changes and rambunctious playing and I was ready for a moment of brain numbing television viewing. After some serious surfing I stumbled upon "She's Having a Baby", a John Hughes movie, possibly from the early 90's rather than 80's but the feel was there, none the less. As a movie about a couple in their mid-twenties struggling with career choices, babies, friends, marriage, home ownership....all that, it seemed to be right up my alley. And it was, I enjoyed it immensely. I was so excited that I watched and liked one of those movies, I couldn't wait to tell my husband that I was part of the club. Unfortunately, I found out that movie doesn't really count. He actually had never heard of it. But that is beside the point. There was a quote in the movie that I really thought was smart. I am taking some liberties here with this because I don't know Kevin Bacon's exact words, but here you go...

"What you are looking for isn't something you will find, it is something you will make. "

Love that!

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