Monday, April 9, 2007

Where is the mute button when you need it?

I have always thought that there is nothing more boring than listening to someone describe a television show. Well, that is until I spent a half hour hearing about some guy on American Idol, then I decided that my theory was far too general and that there is NOTHING more boring than listening to someone describe American Idol. I just can't believe people waste their evenings watching that crap and then spend their days talking about it. "Did you see that one girl that sang the theme to Scooby Doo, oh my god she sucked" "What about the guy with the puffy hair? Did you see him last week, it was flatten out and this week it was so puffy. Puffy then flat. Super puffy then super flat....crazy!" "What about the 80 year old lady that dressed up like the Tazmanian Devil. She really couldn't sing. I can't believe she did a cartwheel at the end"....Seriously, it is one of the only conversations that can make me wish I was doing work. Actually, with my coworkers it is one of many conversations that make me wish I was doing work. Lately my only defense against these conversations (and many other disturbing, although not as boring, ones) is to put on my headphones the minute I walk in the door and never take them off. It doesn't really work all that well, but I'll take a false sense of security over being freely available for their conversational whims. Even if it blocks just one conversation, it is worth it....

So before I become known in blog circles as the blogger most likely to be a grumpy old woman let me just tell you about something I don't hate....dare say that I love. Sudoku! I am getting really good at it. I can't wait for class tomorrow, I am certain I can finish it before the sorority girl team that sits in front of me. And I will even do it all by myself.

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