Monday, August 6, 2007

30 Things to do in my 30th year

1. Learn how to screen print
2. Swim with Henry in the ocean
3. Tile the kitchen
4. Make a collage each week
5. Fly a kite with Henry
6. Make one new recipe from my veggie cookbooks each month
7. Start a journal
8. Make weekly grocery lists and trips
9. Plant a vegetable garden
10. Read 10 books (textbooks don't count)
11. Practice playing the guitar
12. Make new house numbers
13. Do a painting with Wade for outside our back door
14. Put my dirty clothes in the hamper
15. Improve my CD collection
16. Make weekly deposits into Henry's college fund
17. Plant a lilac bush by our kitchen window
18. Take Henry for morning walks
19. Collect items that remind me of one of my sister for one month and send them to her, do this for each of my sisters.
20. Spend a night with Wade at the Circle S (where we got married)
21. Eat all my daily servings of fruits and veggies (I think that is up to 3 and 4 now)
22. Perfect my red velvet, chocolate and coconut cupcake recipes
23. Catch fireflies with Henry
24. Complete 4 projects from this book
25. Paint my kitchen cabinets
26. Make a Christmas gift for each family member (I should probably start now)
27. Let my hubby win a couple of arguments
28. Take Henry to meet his Great Great Grandmother and, if I can swing it, coordinate our visit with Wade's Mom and Nana so I can take a photo of 5 generations.
29. Come up with a new tradition for our family for every major holiday
30. Relearn how to ride my bike with no hands


miss.supafly said...

Happy Birthday in approximately 1 hour and 9 minutes! I LOVE all of these, my fav being #30. ;) P.S. I will re-wish you happy b-day in approximately 8 hours and 39 minutes when it's your actual birthday and I'm alert.

Alex said...

I am so glad you are blogging. I'm getting to know you by reading.