Monday, July 14, 2008

WIsh List

Wade asked for a birthday wish list and I realized that the older I get the more expensive my wish list becomes. Oh well, here it is
letters::flats::cute tops::purse::another cute top::birthday cake::cake stand::cruiser bike::mixer::SLR camera (and 60 mm lens)::chi::rotating cake stand

*sigh* Sometimes making a wish list isn't that fun. Like when you have no money :)


Nouvelle Vie, Nouvelle Heure said...

I second that notion.

Nouvelle Vie, Nouvelle Heure said...

Oh and that red top is the one she wore in Maid of Honor, which I remember because it is an amazing top!!!! good choice.

long time coming said...

your blog is just so pretty, lou. thanks for the birthday suggestions :)