Tuesday, August 31, 2010

3 days in

Whew. I am pooped!

Sunday: I ran for 1 hour. The machine said that I burned 800 calories, I really hope it is right.

Monday: I have a 4 hour field research lab Monday afternoons, so I can't do the gym. Fortunately, (or unfortunately if you dislike hiking through uncultivated woodlands in 92 degree heat) the research that we did involved hiking for about 2 hours. So I am going to credit myself for several miles of walking that day. If you can measure hard work with how much a person sweats, I worked hard this day.

Tuesday: I was up at 5 am for a run. I made it for 50 minutes. I don't run as fast or as long in the morning compared to my afternoon runs. But, it's still worth it because getting my workout over with in the morning feels great.

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